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We don't want anybody to miss the chance to play with this fine league. It doesn't matter if your casual or a hardcore player, male or female, young or old, low level or fully geared, mic or no mic, as long as you agree and follow the league guidelines/rules, you are welcome here.
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                                  Note from QueenOfDeath 18th December 2013
To any GreenReaperz who log in from time to time over the past year and a bit, I definitely miss you all. Just wanted to leave some details on how to get in touch if you still game, I havent console gamed in forever :S There are people who still apply to join this guilds website, fuck, we were so good.

Shout out to Black Humour, Pown, Rezalla, Nuke, Natasha, Nessssssssooooooo, Red Lantern, Chuck Liddell and everyone else, Merry Christmas 2013 hope all the GR'z are doing awesome


**************RIP GR'Z*****************

Welcome to the GreenReaperz EU PS3 Villain League on DC Universe Online ! The GreenReaperz, starting out on the EU based PS3 server Justice For All, are an established league with a vast player base consisting of players, both casual and hardcore, based from all around the world, England, Germany, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Austria, Italy, France, and the Middle East. The league focus here is fun and that is what, as a GreenReaperz member you can expect ! Whether your craving be for some PvE or PvP your needs can be met here by your friendly and ever helpful league members. Maintaining such fun and awesome times in this game have always been so easy with such an amazing group of players here in this league. And since DCUO introduced Mega Servers, our league numbers continue to increase ! Welcome to the GreenReaperz, your fun and amazing villain league where no hero is safe from us !! Take a look around our site and enjoy.
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USA Already got Game Update 10 - PATCH NOTES here... Those fkers...    
PSN Maintenance scheduled for Sunday 4th March from 20.00PM until Monday 5th March 11.00AM GMT

PSN maintenance is scheduled to take place this Sunday 4th March from 20.00PM until Monday 5th March 11.00AM GMT.

For the duration of the maintenance users will be unable to log into the PlayStation Network. Account Management and Home will also be unavailable during this period.

If you are signed in during the maintenance, you may be signed out of the Network until it has been completed.

There may be some additional downtime after the maintenance period for testing purposes.


GreenReaperz News Update 30112011    
                   GreenReaperz News Updates 19/01/2012  

*Raid Calendar now active again !!  
*Our official Crafting Page HERE !!              

                  GreenReaperz News Updates 10/01/2012

                                                Game Update 8

                    GreenReaperz News Updates 05/01/2012

We now have an official GreenReaperz Youtube Channel !! 
Our first GR'z upload :)

                       GreenReaperz News Updates 30/11/2011


* Starting the 1st December 2011, our Weekly Scheduled Raid days are now Thursday and Saturday.

* From 1st Dec, please find
Scheduled raids will include both VET and Newer Player raid schedules in order to mainstream the raids over the first few days after reset. League and
DCUO vets will then have more free time available for league help with re running raids etc.

* From 8th December, Raid roster will now include 2 x raids for both Raid Days - For better organizing. Please sign up for the according raids either Vet or Newer.

* Raid tracking now underway - PLEASE click HERE to leave a comment on your raids recently so I can update this on your league profile ! Thanks very much. This will be getting updated weekly.
GreenReaperz Website Updates    
                            GREENREAPERZ WEBSITE UPDATES !!

Hey all you GreenReaperz !!! A big thanks to all over last few days who have signed up for Raids !! There are Raids Set Up for this weekend so if your keen to raid this Sat/Sun - just sign up for the Saturday raid in the schedule for the raid you would like to do, and whenever we have 8 on for that raid we can run - and there will be re-runs of raids also.

New LEVEL 30 GreenReaperz FAQ now live and can be viewed by members only here

Raid Calendar now live and will be updated constantly ! Sign up your intention to raid here and then get online when you can ! Viewable by website members only !

Suggestions thread now live also ! Suggestions please to what you want to see on here, content, layouts whatever it might be ! Throw your suggestion here and lets see what we
can do !!!

Please find brand new Raid Rules have been uploaded also for Website Members to view - before signing up for any raid on the calendar take time to read these please - signing up for any raid means that you have read the rules and understand loot rolling rules also.

Brand new Raid Section - I have started to upload pics and updates from our raids this week. They can be viewed here in our forums for Website Members to view :D

                            COMPETITION TIME

I know alot of you are curious to this being in the raid calendar as an event ! Well i can be happy to say that Competition Rules and Prizes are being added and available to view on the 28th of November and will be uploaded here on our front page ! All i can reveal for now is that the competition will be running from the 5th - 7th of December ! Keep this time free ! It should be worth it :D 
DLC 2 Release Date    

Release Date: 12/06/11 in the US, 12/7/11 in the EU.

-Legendary subscribers will have the DLC content as soon as the servers come up on Tuesday! Premium & F2P will have to wait until the PS Store Updates.

-New group content

-Central City

-New T2 Duo (making sure Flash gets his powers)(Flash Museum & Speed Force)

-New Bounties in Metropolis and Gotham (Teen Titans)


-No Respec Tokens

-Power Respec Tokens in the future

-Marks of Momentum

-Black Lightning and Zoom inspired T2.5 sets

-Rings and Necks purchasable

-New Spark weapon Rare & Epic with (proximity effects/group effects)

-New Flash inspired Trinket

-X-Faction PvP (optional) in the future

-T2 Daily Duos = MoM

-PvP Controller balancing issue is an ongoing discussion, still tweeking, (keep up the feedback)

-New Market Place Items

-Rename Tokens

-New “Classes” of items for the Market Place in the future

DCUO News    
... Latest Webcast:

   - DC Universe Online Webcast 10.November 2012

   - DC Universe Online Free to Play Webcast


   - Patchnotes for Update6

Cooming Soon to DC Universe Online ...

- Lightning Strikes DLC

   - Link to the Press Release

   - Link to the Developers Discussion on the US Forums

   - Link to the News and Pic thread in our Forums

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